Public Interest Litigation (PIL)

PIL: Public Interest Litigation for court order

PIL is one of other keys to address people's right. It enables people to acquire their need through court's order. When right is not easy to access then PIL is key to gain people rights. PIL generally applied in public affair issues when government bodies seen reluctant and make delays making different issues. IHRC has filed dozens of PILs in different issues successfully to address people's right provisioned by constitution of Nepal. Some successful examples of IHRC's PILs filling: Court order to Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan City to manage open cattle movement, court order to build children parks, court order to manage doctors in hospitals and health-posts, court order to provide citizenship from the name of mother and so on.

How PIL supports people:

  1. Find out the contextual public issues and file PIL to court to make the issues be heard by related service providers,
  2. Minimize the negligence of service providers through court order,
  3. Although there are constitutional provisions Law, Act but due to absence of circulations and proper guidelines from ministries and stakeholders do not apply the law and act. PIL is used in such cases through court order implement the law and act. Example: "Citizenship from the name of mother".