Citizens Campaigns

Organize Campaigns:

IHRC can be said to be campaigner. It has achieved many requirements through its campaigns. It has gained the belief of people that IHRC can help them, support them thus people easily get with IHRC in its campaign. IHRC always looks forward to people's rights, national and international issues as well.

Changes made through campaigns:


Civil Society:

Civil Society is the key to maintain systems of constitution, corruptions, different issues etc. The civil society's role is vital in issues being addressed and raising voice against mis-actions by all sectors. IHRC has well understood it and has been able to create an environment of civic space and civic involvement in implementation of constitutional provisions. The changes can be easily seen in Banke and Bardiya initiated by civil society. When groups of people from all sectors like business persons, farmers, daily workers, officials, media persons, street walker get together there creates a strong civil society and IHRC has firmly initiated working civic role and has solved a number of visible changes.