Citizens Campaigns

Organize Campaigns:
•    IHRC works on campaigns and has its introduction as campaigner,
•    Celebrations, discussions, gatherings, delegations, press release, create pressure, raise voice etc.
•    Effort on addressing, implementation and solutions of public affair issues and cases.
•    We jointly attach with the common people  to make their voices strong  and strengthen the issues and cases,
•    IHRC encourages citizen to adopt/follow the constitutional provision under Article (1.1) and Sub Article (48) that we have right and duties simultaneously. 

Changes made through campaigns: Nepalgunj "Rangshala Case", Bageshwory Temple Case, Open Cattle Movement Case etc.
Internal Governance of IHRC: Implement RTI governance standards (Pro-active disclosure, Information Officer, Social audit), Policies, Guidelines and adopt, displays of institutional information.