Our Objectives

उद्देश्य (Objectives)

  1. Promotion of fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution of  Nepal,
  2. Access people to education, health, agriculture, forest & environment public services and constitutional provisions,
  3. Access increase of Madhesi, Muslim, women, Dalit, child -youth, LGBTIQA, and marginalized community to public services.
  4. Minimize discrimination, violence and social inequity,
  5. Develop system and mechanism for gender equality and social inclusion (GESI).
  6. Capacity building of local levels as well as people,
  7. Advocacy on existing issues of common people,
  8. Strengthen people to use accountability tools to create transparency and accountability,
  9. Address identified public issues  through Public Interest Litigation (PIL),
  10.  Joint actions and vibrancy of people for implementation public campaigns.