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IHRC was founded in 2013 AD by lawyers, journalists, and campaigners with a dream to create access of people targeting Madheshi, Muslim women, and children to public service delivery. IHRC is a non-governmental, non-profit making and social organization. The organization is located in Nepalgunj Sub Metropolitancity-10 Hospital Road Banke, nearby District Administration Office. It has further been working to promote governance at the local level using Right to Information (RTI) as one of the social accountability tools and Public Interest Litigation (PIL) to support people on contemporary issues and on various thematic issues such as Rights to Information, human rights, governance. social harmony peacebuilding and other cross-cutting issues such as GESI and advocacy DAO reg. no. is 1235 and SWC-36688 with 47 general members, 15 active members, 5 Volunteers, and 8 staff members. IHRC has been working in four major areas: RA. Human Rights, Governance, and Social Cohesion and does different campaigns based on public interest issues.

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